No Quarter for Scahill – A Response to Leftist Twattery

The latest Real Time With Bill Maher episode on HBO is down a guest this week, noticeable to those who might not watch the show because of the sanctimonious and whiny fashion by which the news was given. Although it’s how words often attain escape velocity when coming from Left field, it’s also noticeable because the messenger and missing guest is Jeremy Scahill, a man for whom reaching the Platonic ideals of “sanctimony” and “whiny” remains an ongoing ambition. He represents as well as anyone the Left’s inability to confront their foes with words rather than with Molotov cocktails – or in this case just cowardly absence – and the poisonous cocktail that’s created by their self-righteousness and by the language games they’ve unleashed. They hate Trump, but I can’t help getting the sense it’s because he, and glorified trolls like Yiannopoulous, are better at their game.

Mr. Scahill has bowed out of the show because another guest – Milo Yiannopoulos – is going to be present. Nevermind that Yiannopolos himself would probably be pole dancing for clicks right now if it wasn’t for the free publicity the Left gushes on him, the idea that a man like Scahill, who in a recent article stated that “it’s our responsibility to fight back” against Trump and Trump supporters, can’t even work up the nerve to not engage one on stage, let alone be on the same program, is just hypocritical bullshit.

This truly laughable posturing is true to form for the Left, as displayed from their weenie roast two weeks ago at a Yiannopoulos speaking engagement at Berkeley. Enough internet bits have been occupied with that trite bit of performance art for me to comment on it further, but for Scahill, special treatment should be in store.

“No Quarter”

If Noam Chomsky remains the current Pope of the Left, Scahill, along his cohort and part-time Muppets stand-in Glenn Greenwald, would be among his college of cardinals (for those keeping score, that would make Cenk Uygur a guy in a Santa Claus outfit swinging a bell for charity). As such, the way he acts and what he writes has sway with the Believers. His article posted above is from Jacobin Mag, the Leftist magazine, which is itself transcribed from a speech he gave in D.C. during the Women’s March. Read it and witness the Churchillian tone, embattled language, and passionate fury. It’s not hard to imagine him thinking of himself posted up in some kind of war room at The Intercept, making sure no one gets in to see the big map.

Not the Map!
Not the map!

All this wasted energy from a guy who can’t even stand to be a guest on a show because there’s another guest who is a “Nazi.” First, if this charge were true, and if punching Nazis is in vogue now and even a duty of any Leftist, then what does it say about a guy who won’t even confront one? It says that by his own standards he’s a coward. And if it’s not true that Yiannopolous is a Nazi, as it pretty clearly isn’t, it says that he’s scared.

That’s how this reads to those who haven’t undergone baptism in the latest political cult. Not as dignified, or as the proper response to racism, but as fear. If Christopher Hitchens, an older-school Leftist, could sit down with actual racists, hear them out, and call them on their bullshit, then Jeremy Scahill shouldn’t be able to call himself a Leftist and not do the same.

More than anything, the quarter for this kind of behavior needs to stop, and not just for the Left’s sake, but for ours. This constant need on their part to maintain their righteous optics rather than face new ideas has set the stage for the white noise of media stances that is the newscape today.

So give no quarter to Scahill or to any other Leftist. When they start calling you a Nazi, you’ll know you’re getting somewhere.

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