President Trump Plans Monday Morning Blitz with New Immigration Executive Order

Trump Signs EO Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP
President Donald Trump will release a new executive order on immigration Monday morning, sources with knowledge of these matters tell Breitbart News. The new order comes after the first one—temporarily suspending the refugee program and barring travel into the United States from seven terror-prone countries—was met with backlash in the court system, with a district court and the ninth circuit court of appeals shutting it down. This new order is slightly different from the first one, sources say, and moves Iraq—one of the seven countries from the first order—to a different category. It’s not entirely clear what the new category is or how Iraq will be handled in this new order at this time. It’s also unclear what other changes may be made from the first order, including in particular how the new one will handle the refugee program. When Trump rolled out his first order, he was met with weekend protests in airports nationwide by progressive activists and members of the Muslim community in his first full weekend as president. Then acting Attorney General Sally Yates refused to enforce the order, and President Trump swiftly fired her for failing to serve the Department of Justice honorably by enforcing the law

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