Trump travel ban: revised order blocked nationwide by Hawaii federal judge – live

New executive order banning travelers from six Muslim-majority countries was due to come into effect from midnight ET

Margaret Huang, executive director Amnesty International USA, says:

As long as this hateful policy remains, it will continue to be fought in courts while thousands of people and families are trapped in uncertainty. Congress can end this by passing legislation that effectively nullifies the ban.

This decision against the ban tells us what we already know: this is anti-Muslim bigotry falsely packaged as security. Hatred won’t make us safe. The ban must be repealed now.

The country and the courts have spoken once again: the Muslim ban is wrong and is unconstitutional. President Trump should rescind this executive order immediately and start working on the real challenges facing this country.

The Muslim ban has encouraged discrimination against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim. People with no connection to the banned countries are being stopped and searched at airports and having their trusted traveler statuses revoked just for being a Muslim, looking like a Muslim, or having a name that sounds Muslim. These policies and practices are part of a concerted effort by the Trump administration to demonize and marginalize Muslim, Latino and other immigrant communities.

Pool reporters with White House press secretary Sean Spicer have asked him for a response to the Hawaiian order blocking the travel ban.

Spicer said there is no response at this point, with the White House itself hearing about the temporary restraining order only as the news was breaking.

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