Speaker Ryan on PM Theresa May: ‘This is a Time For Bold Leadership’, U.S. ‘Committed’ To Bilateral Trade

Republican speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan praised British Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap general election at a political event in London Monday. Speaking at an event hosted by Policy Exchange on Wednesday evening attended by several members of the UK Parliament, Ryan assured the United Kingdom of trade ties with the United States post-Brexit, and praised Theresa May. Deviating slightly from his speech notes as prepared for delivery, Ryan told the audience “As you know, we just finished an interesting election, and I guess, well, you all felt a little left out. In seriousness, what a time to be here… the one thought that came to my mind as I watched what transpired yesterday, is this is a time for bold leadership, and Theresa May is certainly setting the standard”. Looking to the shifting political landscapes on both sides of the Atlantic, Ryan hailed both Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump as signs of a changing world. He said: “Over the last year, our countries have voted for sweeping change. Some try to say too much change. But if anything, we are seeing a renewal of first principles . . . of

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