Oblivious Paul Ryan Snapped In Embarrassing ‘Go F**k Yourself’ Tweet

The tweeted photo of the day features a friendly looking Wisconsin voter wearing a Brewers baseball hat with a “Go F**k Yourself” T-Shirt standing next to a delighted, completely oblivious Paul Ryan.

Couple friends of the pod hanging out this morning. @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 pic.twitter.com/aT3nqiyOlu

— J (@Minnysconsin) May 6, 2017

Twitter went wild for the photo, taken Saturday at a Kiwanis Club Pancake Day fundraiser in Racine, Wisconsin, where the apron-wearing speaker of the House was apparently helping flip pancakes — and pouring coffee, judging by the cups in his pocket and pot in his hand. (He also attended last year’s Pancake Day, showing off his flipping skills in the video above.)

The T-shirt, which reads “‘Repeal and go f**k yourself.’ – GOP,” makes a pointed comment about House Republicans who voted to end health insurance for millions of Americans earlier this week.

The photo, captioned “Couple friends of the pod hanging out this morning,” was posted by @Minnysconsin. The “pod” refers to the political podcast “Pod Save America,” which sells the shirt. Podcast co-host and former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau challenged other listeners to top the stunt.

I challenge any Friend of the Pod to do better than @minnysconsin just did. https://t.co/sP24qbI9sU

— Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) May 6, 2017

The Ryan tweet triggered a flood of Twitter high-fives, and may have birthed similar photobomb political plots. Twitter user @Annie_Fox wrote, “That’s two things Ryan didn’t bother to read this week.” Another user noted that the only thing better would be if Ryan had been wearing the shirt.

@Minnysconsin @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 Epic trolling. Bravo.

— Juan, P.E. #RESIST❄️ (@jrivera64) May 6, 2017

@Minnysconsin @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 OMG not all heroes wear capes but they sure as hell wear that shirt

— Ashley Esqueda (@AshleyEsqueda) May 6, 2017

@Minnysconsin @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 This made the day of so many of us today.

— Shauna M. Ahern (@glutenfreegirl) May 6, 2017

@Minnysconsin @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 My new screensaver
I’m thinking that these kinds of photobomb efforts might be quite the good time in 2017

— Christine Cullen (@bitterflie) May 6, 2017

@bitterflie @jeanettereuter1 @Minnysconsin @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 Whoever scores the picture with Trump wearing a “I’m with stupid” shirt wins the internet.

— robbiese7en (@robbiese7en) May 6, 2017

Well done, you! That’s two things Ryan didn’t bother reading this week. #StopTrumpCare @Minnysconsin @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 #Resist

— Annie Fox, M.Ed. (@Annie_Fox) May 6, 2017

@Minnysconsin @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 Let them eat pancakes

— Brendan Coots (@brendancoots) May 6, 2017

@Minnysconsin @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 Question: can Paul Ryan read?

— Michael Abromowitz (@FootballExpert) May 6, 2017

@Minnysconsin @jonlovett @jonfavs @TVietor08 You, sir, deserve a medal. And good healthcare.

— Brett Brewer (@brettlbrewer) May 6, 2017

@Minnysconsin @libbycwatson @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 wait a second…… computer, enhance pic.twitter.com/ExLacHrMrC

— The Women Protecter (@CONNORcGOLDEN) May 6, 2017

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